Taroko National Park day trip ┼ river tracing half-day tour
1st. Day: Welcome afternoon tea → cycling independent tour (Taroko Gorge or National Park Visitor Centre) → Accommodation
2nd. Day: Energizing breakfast→ depth of the Taroko National Park day tour → Accommodation
3rd Day: Energizing breakfast →river tracing half-day tour: starting 8:00,Journey of four hours (includes: professional coaching, insurance and river tracing equipment.such as: river tracing helmet, survival vest, wetsuit, shoes, dressing tent) → end of the trip

  Holiday Price (per 1) Weekdays Price(per 1)
【2 People】 NTD 5600 NTD 5200
【3 People】 NTD 4650 NTD 4250
【4 People】 NTD 3790 NTD 3390

Note 1: If the accommodation day on weekdays, another day for the holiday (Saturday and folk festivals), according to the weekday price [two peoples] additional NTD 250/ per person;[ Three peoples] additional NTD 230/ per person,[4 peoples ] additional NTD 200 /per person.
Note 2: If the accommodation during the summer vacation (July,August, Sunday to Friday), according to the weekday price[two peoples] additional NTD 200/ per person;[ Three peoples] additional NTD 200/ per person;[4 peoples ] additional NTD 150 /per person.
Note 3: [two peoples] provides a double room; [ Three peoples] provides a family room only 3 peoples live; [4 peoples ] provides a quad room. For additional room, extra charge according to the price of the day.
Note 4: Taroko National Park day trips, service by professional tour, if you participate in the Packages [two peoples] the professional tour only service for you ,and car (a four-seater car)no other people to join; [3 peoples] and [4 peoples] likewise. the whole journey inclusive of insurance + eight-hour professional navigation