Tour Package 1《Traveling Taroko National Park》
1st. Day: Check-in→ Palatable afternoon tea → Cycling independent tours → Enjoy local dinner → Stay in Crossing the rainbow bridge
2nd. Day: Delicious breakfast → Traveling Taroko National Park deeply →Time to say goodbye

  Weekend( Fri.-Sat. ) Weekday(Sun.-Thr.)
【2 People】 3250/ 1per 3050/ 1per
【3 People】 2599/ 1per 2399/ 1per
【4 People】 2050/ 1per 1899/ 1per

Note 1: If the accommodation is summer vacation weekdays according to the weekday price to charge【2 People】NTD 200/per、【3 People】100/per、【4 People】100/per。
Note 2: packages [two peoples] the professional tour only service for you ,and car (a four-seater car)no other people to join; [3 peoples] and [4 peoples] likewise. the whole journey inclusive of insurance + eight-hour professional navigation.
Note 3: 【2 People】offers a double room; [3 peoples] provides a family room only 3 peoples live; [4 peoples] offers a quad room. For additional room, extra charge according to the price of the day.

  If you need English narrator to introduce for you, we would arrange professional English narrator for you, but you have to pay additional expense (NT 2000/per day) to English narrator